Welcome to Ireland Together


Connect with peers via regular networking events.  Deepen connections in  a wide array of lively discussion forums.    Share experiences and challenges in a secure and supportive environment so that we can all navigate the evolving economic climate together.   


A spark of magic happens when we add a diverse mix of backgrounds, industries, locations, roles, and skills, and work together to solve challenges, to build a more secure future for all.   Whether you have a specific are of  interest, are involved in a particular sector, or need to round out your knowledge on a topic  – you are invited to share your expertise, learn something new, find a business partner, or broaden your network.


‘Unprecedented’, ‘New Normal’, ‘Pivot’, ‘Post-Covid’ – it’s time for fresh thinking!  This is a time to be bold, think big, and explore new possibilities.  Leverage the collective wisdom of the community as we explore the new opportunities ahead for Irish business.

Leadership Team

Colin Harris

Co-founder & Chief People Officer

Joanne Griffin

Co-founder & Chief Operations Officer

Louise O'Conor

Co-founder & Chief Digital Officer

Mindi Caselden

Co-founder & Head of Member Experience

Our Partners

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