About Us

Welcome to Ireland Together

Ireland Together is a non-profit group of professionals and entrepreneurs committed to finding innovative solutions to the challenges presented by the changes that the COVID-19 crisis has brought to how we all live, work, and play. We believe and understand the interconnectedness that drives economic prosperity and growth and that by bringing Ireland together we create a stronger future.


We are a non-profit organisation aimed at  helping people and businesses find stability, focus, and a return to prosperity after the seismic shift that COVID-19 has brought in how we relate, interact, and do business in today’s world.


Our goal is to help Irish businesses not only recover from COVID-19, reinvent themselves where necessary, and repurpose productivity into new channels, but also to flourish through the creation of a digital all-island network which better insulates our businesses and economies from future shock and disruption.


Connecting Irish businesses using the latest remote working technologies to the resources, expert knowledge, advice, and support they require to face the challenges and needs of a radically changing future.

Our Values


We believe in the power of community to generate social and economic impact. We are rooted in networks that exchange knowledge, skills and resources to collaborate for mutual benefit.


Our past no longer provides a reference for our future.  We are experiencing a seismic shift in our social and economic landscape.  We commit to fostering new ideas and business models throughout the community.


We believe in doing the right thing, the right way.  Above all, we respect diverse opinions and value inclusion across our platform, with fair and equitable access to our services to every member.


We believe in our ability to face adversity and move forward in spite of the challenges we face.  As a community, we offer support and solutions as we navigate the road ahead together.


Our ability to adapt to the exponential changes we face will determine our success.  We will embrace change, adjust course, and find new opportunity in even the most challenging conditions.

Core Team