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17 Nov 2020


1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

Lasting the Pandemic Pace

Put on your own oxygen mask first. Why?

  • Better productivity – when you learn how to say “no” to things that over-extend you and start making time for things that matter more, you slow life down in a wonderful way to enable intentional focus
  • Combat Stress – taking time to listen to our bodies and stress signals  {reduce cortisol}
  • Prevents – Exhaustion/potential burn out, poor energy levels – promotes balance in our operating systems
  • Improved Resistance to disease
  • Better Physical Health – healthy chemical balance release/endorphins
  • Enhanced Emotional Health – Self-esteem, self-confidence, self-regard, self-belief, self-love, self-trust {serotonin}
  • Cognitive functioning – increased focus, attention, self-knowledge, self-awareness, neuro awareness, better coping skills
  • You Time – enables providing in a healthier way to others – self-care and self-management comes before people care and people management – when you learn how to look after yourself first, in turn you can show-up in great condition to look after others
  • Supports – social connectedness when grounded and balanced
  • Spiritual Being – getting in touch with ourselves, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, listening to music, quiet reflection, comedy, dancing, journaling or time in nature – wild walks in the wind and rain – what are things you enjoy 

Jean O’Neill and Rob Reynolds facilitate a weekly chat on all things resilience

How do we last the pace of a global pandemic,

Can we thrive in uncertainty?

We’ll figure out the answers together…



The event is finished.

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