How can I join IrelandTogether?

Registering as a member with IrelandTogether is free, instant, and open to all Irish businesses.  Simply sign up here - provide some basic details about you, your business, and the challenges you are facing, and we’ll take care of the rest!  Please note that your username and password are unique to you - keep them in a safe place. If you experience any difficulty in signing up, please contact us at support@irelandtogether.ie.

Why should I join IrelandTogether?

IrelandTogether is first and foremost a community for business people to access knowledge, resources and advice as we navigate the uncertainty that is evolving across the world.  As a member, you will have direct and free access to our knowledge platform, webinars, and discussion forums, along with 1:1 business mentoring and advice. Our aim is to create a thriving and engaged community, where challenges can be shared and solved using the collective intelligence of our members.  

The economic and business landscape is evolving rapidly.  Business models may need to shift and adapt to new economic demands.  Our volunteers and members are here to help mentor, advise, and co-create new business models together.

What are my company’s obligations once it becomes a member?

We ask that all members read and adhere to our membership Terms & Conditions, created to protect our members’ privacy, preserve the integrity of the platform, and promote a trusted network of professionals working towards a common goal.

What is the cost of Membership?

Membership is free for all Irish businesses.  Membership entitles you to:

  • Unlimited access to our discussion forums moderated by expert advisors.
  • Unlimited access to our knowledge bank updated with the latest information.
  • Networking and business opportunities within the member platform.
  • A number of free 1:1 mentoring and advisory sessions with our Advisory Panel of volunteer advisors.  If you have used up your allocated free hours, you can choose to engage in paid consulting.  

All paid consulting arrangements are deemed to be private business engagements between members and advisers.

How can I change my contact details?

You can amend and edit your user profile at any time by logging into your account using your username and password.

I’ve lost my password

Your password was auto-generated for you on registration.  If you have forgotten or misplaced your password, please click the ‘forgot password’ link on the sign-in page.

How do I report a post?

If you deem a post to be inappropriate, incorrect or defamatory in any way, please email a snapshot of the discussion thread to support@irelandtogether.ie.  A member of our operations team will investigate.

How do I use Slack?

Slack is an online conversational tool used to facilitate discussions among team members.  On signing up, you will be enrolled as a team member and will have access to all our discussion groups.  Please join as many discussion groups as are relevant and topical to you. Pose questions, share your experience, contribute your opinions - this community is here to support and help only.  For tips on how to get started please see this helpful Slack guide.

Can I register as both a Member and an Adviser?

Yes - we are all navigating this unprecedented challenges together.  Many of us are business owners, entrepreneurs and can also offer guidance, support and mentorship to the community.  If you can commit to signing up as an advisor we would love to have you on board!

What is the Advisor Panel

IrelandTogether has teamed up with a diverse panel of experienced advisers across Ireland to deliver accessible 1:1 consulting services to our members free of charge.  Our advisors cover a range of services across coaching. business transformation, finance, communications, change management and people services. We are actively onboarding new advisors each week to match the demands of our members.  As a member, you have direct access to our advisor panel through discussion forums, direct messaging, or 1:1 phone calls and video conferencing.

How do I get involved as an Advisor?

We want to provide high-quality accessible advisory services to our members as we continue to navigate economic uncertainty.  We ask that all our advisors provide the following assurances upon signing up:

  • You have the capacity to offer 3-4 hours per week (Mon-Fri) in 1:1 phone/ video conference consultations with our members free of charge.
  • You are capable and willing to contribute knowledge and expertise to our discussion forums and knowledge centres.
  • You act with integrity and with a social conscience while engaging with members.

If this sounds like you - sign up here.

How do you vet and monitor the Advisory Panel?

Upon registration, our advisors are required to provide a link to their company website and/or LinkedIn Profile.  Where appropriate, reference checks may also be engaged. Our platform is built on trust and community - our advisors will be monitored for effectiveness based on post-engagement feedback from our members. 

Are Advisors remunerated?

Everyone involved in IrelandTogether is giving their time for free.  We are all navigating the unfolding economic climate together, with a shared objective to support each other and nurture our struggling SME business sector.  

As we are all navigating this terrain together, we also encourage and welcome paid engagements where a member and an adviser see a mutual ongoing benefit, alongside other mutually beneficial business relationships that may grow from bringing the best and the brightest of Irish minds together in one place.   IrelandTogether facilitates the network but does not receive.

Who are the current members of IrelandTogether?

Our membership is evolving rapidly.  An up-to-date map of registered members is displayed within the members area.

Do you share the member contact list publicly?

IrelandTogether is a private registered members network.  Our membership is displayed on the interactive map on our website.   To protect members’ privacy, IrelandTogether does not share its member listing with third-party organizations. You can refer to our Privacy Policy for further details.