What can companies do now to prepare for the future of hiring?

Silicon Republic interviews Sanjoe Jose, CEO of Talview, to talk about recruitment technology and how remote working has impacted hiring processes 

Remote hiring is at an all-time high as businesses across the world continue to work from home, but what does that mean for the future of recruitment? We asked Talview’s Sanjoe Jose.

Sanjoe Jose is CEO of Talview, an AI-powered talent assessment provider he set up under the name Interview Master in 2013. In his role, he oversees new initiatives, product strategy and the company’s expansion into US and Indian markets.

As someone who is passionate about recruitment technology, he spoke to me about how remote working has impacted hiring processes and what it means for the future of HR.

What are some of the hiring trends taking place across the world right now?

Right now, remote work has become the norm across organisations globally. The talent acquisition and recruitment departments in many of those organisations have also begun adopting the remote-hiring model fully.

We’re seeing tech-savvy companies continue their end-to-end recruitment processes online. From screening candidates to conducting assessments and interviews, everything is happening over digital channels.

The recruitment teams are realising the benefits of an online hiring process: reduced time to hire, minimised cost of operations, a superior candidate and recruiter experience, and more. Since these benefits are inherently associated with remote hiring, I think we’ll see organisations increasingly moving their recruitment processes online, even after everything goes back to ‘normal’.

How should companies and employers approach adopting remote-hiring practices long term?

I think this is the best time for organisations to move their recruitment processes online, especially as it is potentially easier to connect with candidates because nearly everyone is at home.

Candidates would also not mind having an extra job opportunity at hand during these times of uncertainty – hence, chances of them participating in your selection process are high.

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