Building a New Future – Workplace Wellbeing Day

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Today, 30th April, we celebrate the National Workplace Wellbeing Day. This year’s theme #WorkWell21 encourages businesses to raise awareness on social, mental and physical wellbeing. It has never been more important to encourage a sustainable approach, to support workers through the pandemic and now returning to the workplace.

During April, IrelandTogether focused on awakening our mindsets, with #AprilAwakening. It was a month dedicated to new beginnings and new ways to recover, restart, refresh and rethink a new life. IrelandTogether hosted creative and interactive sessions with our members, such as ReThinking Lab and 15-Minute Creative Session.

In May, the focus will be The Next Great Reset. After experiencing huge transitions and transformations, we can begin to take stock of the disruption and changes we have experienced. As restrictions are slowly lifting up and vaccinations are progressing, it is time to piece together what our new ‘normal’ might look like, and what that means for how we live and work.

recent survey reported that 22% of Irish employees are expected to work remotely full-time. A further 44% intend to work between home and the office. Of these, over 90% will spend three days or less in the office. the office. That means only 34% of employees will return to the office full time.

What will the future look like?
Are you planning to reopen your business?
Are you planning your return to work?

This coming month, IrelandTogether will provide talks and insights on how to prepare physically and mentally for the return to offices and co-working spaces. IrelandTogether is thrilled to announce our first conference, Return to Workplace Conference, running over in May!

In addition to the conference, the community will count on resources, updates and advice from experts. Whether you are returning to the office or reopening your business, IrelandTogether is here to support you. 

#JoinTheConversation in IrelandTogether to keep up to date on the discussions via events, community discussions, newsletters and more! If you’re a member, make sure to stay tuned on Slack! If you want to join us, register today for free.

Vithoria Escobar

Masters educated Public Relations and Marketing professional, with seven years international experience planning and managing strategic communications. Results-driven, with substantial knowledge across multiple industries and markets, including Digital, Technology, Corporate and Public Affairs. Available for both permanent and temporary roles in Digital Marketing, Social Media, Content Creation & Public Relations.

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