High ticket client attraction checklist

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Rory Keran, from CSM (Consulting Social Media) Agency shares a very useful checklist to help small businesses move online and succeed.

Your Business Vision 

  • I have a clear vision of what I would like my business to look like in 12 months time? 
  • I have identified my yearly revenue and personal income goals for my first 12 months in business? 
  • I am aware of the meaningful changes to my life that I am seeking for my business to help me create? 

Your Purpose, Niche & Specialisation 

  • I have gained expert knowledge in my chosen specialism from my work, research and qualifications. 
  • I have reflected on the specific problems that I have encountered personally/ professionally that have added to my expert knowledge in my chosen specialism 
  • I have found that sharing my expertise with clients to help them solve their problems brings purpose and fulfilment to my life 
  • I am clear about my specific niche and know it is in alignment with my expertise and purpose. (because we only have one life, we might as well work with clients we get on with) 

Your High Paying Clients

  • I have compiled details of my high-paying clients’ demographics e.g. age, gender, income, location, profession, relationship status, interests 
  • I have identified the common problems that my high-paying clients have 
  • I know which of their problems they find most challenging and would most like to solve I have identified the common attitudes and beliefs they have about their problem 
  • I know the common misconceptions my audience have about their problems that are stopping them from overcoming their problem 
  • I know the specific traits and qualities of the clients that I do my best work with

Your High Paying Clients pain points 

  • I know what aspect of their problem causes them the most pain, worry and concern 
  • I can say with certainty what keeps my high paying clients awake at night 
  • I have written examples of the language my high-paying clients use to talk about their biggest problem and pain points 

Your Key Competitors 

  • I have enquired from my high-paying clients about the products and services they have bought previously to help them solve their problem, and how much they have spent on these products and services 
  • I know which products and services have worked for my high paying clients in the past and which have not worked and why 
  • I have analysed competitors’ products and services and have found areas of weakness that could be improved upon 
  • I know what will make my business stand out compared to my competitors 

Your solution and offer

  • I have researched what the “real problem” is that my high paying clients have, and know how this differs from what my clients think their problem is 
  • I know exactly what my clients consider the best outcome to their problem to be and to look and feel like I know exactly what 
  • I need to deliver with my work to ensure that my high paying clients achieve the outcome they desire 
  • I have created add ons to the basic business services that provides the best solution to my high paying clients’ problems in the fastest time possible 

Finding your paying clients online 

  • I know exactly where my high paying clients hang out online 
  • I have identified which public figures my High Paying Clients look up to 
  • I have created a list of Facebook Pages that my High Paying Clients like 
  • I have created a list of Facebook Groups that my High Paying Clients have joined I have created a list of LinkedIn Groups that my High Paying Clients have joined I understand how my High Paying Clients want me to connect with them 


  • I have created concise statements that I will communicate to potential clients to explain my brand’s purpose, values and mission statement to them 
  • I have a brand name and logo that is appealing to my high paying clients and reflects my brand 100% I have professional photographs of myself that 
  • I can use on my marketing materials. These images of me are authentic and will appeal to my high paying clients 


  • I have a clear marketing plan detailing how I will build my email list and audience of high paying clients, generate appointments, and make sales. This marketing plan includes the specific areas described below 

Referrals/Joint Ventures 

  • I have a client referral system in place to request and reward past clients who refer clients to me 
  • I have created a series of three emails that Joint Venture Partners can send out to their email lists to promote my business and promotional webinar 
  • I have created a suitable list of Joint Venture Partners and have contacted them about promoting my services to their email list in exchange for a commission on any sales coming from their email lists 
  • I have successfully promoted my services to my Joint Venture Partners’ email lists, and gained appointments that converted into sales for my business 

Content Marketing 

  • I understand why it is important to share my most valuable content for free in exchange for the subscriber’s email address 
  • I have identified a webinar title and bullet points that focuses on the key problem my high paying clients 
  • I have created a webinar Power points that convey the 3 or 4 valuable pieces of information 
  • I have recorded my automated webinar and it lasts for 60 minutes or less 
  • I have repurposed the content I shared in my webinar to create 4 blog posts, 8 emails and 16+ Facebook posts 
  • I have created a habit of writing down ideas for new content on a daily basis I have planned out the valuable content that I will create and share each month over the next 90 days 


  • I have set up a Facebook Page for my coaching business with a branded Facebook banner and completed the page descriptions in full. 
  • I am posting a range of informative content at least 3 times per week to my Facebook page 
  • I am promoting my Facebook Page to my audience on Facebook to build my Facebook Page Likes 
  • I am regularly recording Facebook Lives to help build my audience of loyal followers 
  • I have set up a Facebook Group to connect and engage with my audience 

Email List building 

  • I have set up a sales funnel to promote my automated webinar to my audience on Facebook 
  • I am promoting my automated webinar to my audience of high paying clients on Facebook, and am rapidly building my email list 


  • I have an up-to-date LinkedIn profile that clearly conveys to my LinkedIn contacts (and others) about my expertise. 
  • I have joined the LinkedIn groups that my high paying clients are in and am engaging in these groups regularly 
  • I am adding new connections of people who fit my target audience, and am connecting with these new connections to build a relationship with them 
  • I am regularly sharing informative status updates on LinkedIn that are relevant to my high paying clients 


  • I have a comprehensive list of the most important keywords that my audience use to search online for services like mine 
  • I have created highly compelling copy for my website and am engaging the services of a web designer to have my website built 
  • I have a fully functioning website that rejects my brand and converts traffic into appointments and sales of my services 
  • I have Search Engine Optimised my website so that I am listed on Google organic search for the relevant keywords that my audience use to search for services like mine 

Email Marketing 

  • I understand how email marketing works and know how to write compelling emails that get the desired response 
  • I am regularly creating a range of compelling emails to send out to my mailing list that complete functions such as; sharing valuable content, addressing questions, invitations to book a free appointment etc.. 


  • I understand how to use the technology applications I need to run my business and I have set up all the applications 
  • I need to be able to run my online assets to my business e.g. email service provider, online booking, webinar software, Leadpages etc.. 
  • I have employed a Virtual Assistant to handle the admin and technology side of my business and free up my time to focus on my work 
  • I am tracking the important metrics related to my launches including; Facebook marketing campaigns, webinar registration and attendance, and resulting sales. 
  • I have automation software set up and am using this to connect with the right people I have a facility for taking credit card payments over the phone 


  • I am training to learn how to confidently sell my business from a 1:1 call with a prospect and am addressing any fears I have about this 
  • I understand how to take a prospect from a place of interest to being ready to buy my services through having a 1:1 call with them 
  • I have a system in place that is getting sales calls with my high paying clients booked into my diary every single day 
  • I am consistently improving my sales conversion rate from my 1:1 calls with prospects 
  • I have a system in place to remind me to follow up with potential clients who I have spoken to on 1:1 calls 
  • I consistently follow up with those I have spoken to on 1:1 calls to keep in touch with them until they are ready to work with me 

Vithoria Escobar

Masters educated Public Relations and Marketing professional, with seven years international experience planning and managing strategic communications. Results-driven, with substantial knowledge across multiple industries and markets, including Digital, Technology, Corporate and Public Affairs. Available for both permanent and temporary roles in Digital Marketing, Social Media, Content Creation & Public Relations.

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