Online Team Building Activities Your Company Needs

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Building a collaborative online environment by engaging in team activities became essential to improve the overall remote work experience. Below you can find a list of the best team building activities for remote employees

Managing a remote team is no easy task. When colleagues aren’t co-located, some may find it difficult to bond and collaborate creatively. That’s why online team building activities can be crucial to the remote work experience. Regardless of the challenges you and your remote team are facing during this impromptu remote work transition period, your teams need to know that they’re not alone

By creating a safe and collaborative online environment where dialog and kindness are encouraged, you can help your team thrive during this difficult time. Pulling your team together gives them a focus beyond worrying about what will happen next in the news cycle.

In-person meetings may have been restricted for over a third of the population, but that should not stop your new remote team from collaborating as usual. They may even become more efficient as they cut back on non-productive activities that may have been part of the in-office company culture. 

In this blog post, we’ll share a list of our favorite online team building activities for remote employees. 

Why online team building activities are important

Before we get to the list, it is important to note how important virtual team building is. Without the added stress of a global health crisis, the reality of working remotely can catch many people off guard. 

In the 2020 State of Remote Work report by Remote Tools, they found that loneliness coupled with the inability to separate work time from personal time are the two of the biggest challenges that remote workers face.

Participating in regular virtual team building activities can help minimize the effects these challenges have on your employees as they adjust to their new remote work lifestyle. Furthermore, remote team building activities replace valuable in-person forms of communication that exist in office settings.

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