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Business Finance Fundamentals

If you have heard the terms balance sheet, break-even point, depreciation or cash flow statement but have no idea what those mean, you need not worry. You will be introduced to the process of understanding the jargon and terminologies of business finance and how to use those terminologies confidently.

Basic Accounting

This free online accounting course will teach you about the building blocks of accounting such as revenue, costs, assets, and liabilities using innovative business simulation models. You will learn how the accrual principle creates a fundamental difference between profit and cash flow and how double-entry bookkeeping ensures the balance sheet is always balanced. 


Cash & Working Capital

This free online working capital course will help you to explore cash flow and working capital with business simulation models. You will learn about the operating cycle, how to manage cash flow effectively, and how to understand the connection between profit, assets, liabilities, and cash flow. 

Doing Business In Ireland

conditions, period, contractual terms and conditions


If there is no contract between the parties, then 30 days after the invoice is received by the purchaser or 30 days after goods/services are delivered if the date of receipt of the invoice is uncertain or the invoice was received before goods/services were delivered


Statutory interest rate for late payment is 8 percentage points above the European Central Bank’s reference rate

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