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Cosmos staff bring years of experience to bear in commercial online reputation management, social media management and SEO. Currently, the company is involved in – Search Engine Marketing – New Website Legal Compliance GDPR – Assigned Digital mentor roles – Website suitability testing (Heuristics) – Social Media management solutions – Online crisis management – Digital … Read More »

Bricks 2 Clicks Marketing

About Bricks 2 Clicks Marketing. Driving Online Business Growth Through Search Engine and Performance Marketing Strategies.  The Short.  Hi I’m Diarmuid, Founder of Bricks 2 Clicks Marketing, a business growth consultancy that focuses on developing online visibility through search engine and performance marketing strategies. I’m Passionate about developing website SEO, Search Engine & Performance Marketing strategies …

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Aoife McIlraith Consulting

Go to market Digital Strategies that gets the right content, in the right place at the right time online to drive sales. 0 Shares 0 Share Facebook 0 Share Twitter 0 Share LinkedIn 0 Share WhatsApp

Everblue Digital

Everblue Digital specializes in digital marketing, web design, SEO, paid advertising (Facebook & Google Ads) and social media management.nWe prioritise return on investment. We don’t dwell over the intangible statistics such as “impressions” & “clicks”. If you’re spending money on your website, advertising or SEO, you’re going to want to see how much value you’re …

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