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Achonry Food Hub


Food, community, innovation.

We’re building a home for food producers in the west region and luckily for us, the producers of the west region have been here before. On February 19th 1897, Achonry was commencing production as the producers of the west region came together and registered as the first shareholders to the co-op. Throughout 108 years, it has thrived through the good times and held steady through the challenges, never wavering in providing only the highest quality produce to its customers both regionally and nationally.

It’s time for us to take the next step and create a dedicated home for our food producers. We have the ingredients: a building of 52,000 square feet, a central location, and vibrant people. Achonry Food Hub Sligo will play host to the whole community over food with producers big and small to cultivate an environment where homegrown brands can flourish.

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  • Tel: 071 914 4779
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