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Creative duo bringing Irish literature to life in a fresh and fun way. Literary gifts and staycation guides.

At it Again! Niall Laverty and Maite Lopez Photo by Steve Humphreys The Sunday Indpendent

At it Again! Niall Laverty and Maite Lopez – Photo by Steve Humphreys The Sunday Independent

Irish illustrator Niall Laverty and German-Spanish writer Maite López use their love of books, design and illustration to inspire you to go on your own literary adventure and re-discover Irish classics in a fun way. It is important to them that they create and print all of their goodies in Dublin and try to source materials and suppliers from Ireland.

Our Story

We were on a romp in the Dublin mountains when a great little idea came bounding along. With Bloomsday around the corner, we wanted to inspire people to love Dublin and stop fearing Ulysses. Our challenge was to take a big intimidating book and make it fun and accessible. We ran all the way down the mountain and straight into the pub. By the time we left, our minds were spinning with possibilities. Three mad months later Romping through Ulysses was unleashed. People loved the book so much that we thought, why not tackle other Irish classics? We were At it Again! Hungry to discover the Irish roots of iconic books and their creators, our next victim was Dracula. The Romping through Irish Literature series had begun.

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