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Unique organic and sustainable Hugg bedside crib made in Donegal.

The idea for the hugg bedside crib was discovered in the maternity ward of Altnagelvin hospital in Derry in 2006. After the birth of my daughter, I discovered the benefits of the clear bassinet within the postnatal ward. I loved the transparency of the crib, and the ability to see my gorgeous girl from every angle, it gave me complete peace of mind, and I could recover knowing my baby was safe bedside me.

At home, I was so disappointed with the functionality and ergonomics of the Moses basket, the whole user experience led to an even more tired Mum getting less sleep. And we all know new Mums need sleep too, especially in the fourth trimester when we should also be allowing ourselves to nest and thrive.

I welcomed the birth of my second girl, in 2009 and the idea to solve that problem and improve that experience never left me, and it is only during my last year of University of Ulster, Magee I decided to do explore it further. In 2015 I embarked on the design process assisted by Enterprise Ireland, New Frontiers Course at LYiT, we undertook 8 months of research and development at the Origin8 research centre in National College of Design, Dublin. We tested many theories and discovered during this process what we did not want to produce. After this stage, I worked with Coastal Design in Donegal, where the final design of the Hugg was developed. The next stage was 6 months of user testing and then 4 months of industry testing by the Furniture Industry Research Association.

My Happy Crew

In January of 2018 we launched the first bedside crib in Ireland, which we now know as the Hugg. Since the launch, the Hugg has been ordered and dispatched to over 15 countries worldwide such as South Africa, Australia, the USA, and most of the European countries. Enjoyed by Mums all over the world. We have also won many accolades in the process such as Best Crib – Platinum by the Junior Design Awards in London, and the Furniture Design Award 2018 by Images Interiors. While awards are amazing what makes me the happiest is happy customers.

In August of 2018 we are increasing our product range, building on our organic and sustainable principles because good design should be enjoyed for years, not just for a few months. At Bababou trading now as we look forward to sharing these new designs in the coming months and creating products that nurture and create a connected sleep for everyone.

x Lucia

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