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About Bricks 2 Clicks Marketing.

Driving Online Business Growth Through Search Engine and Performance Marketing Strategies. 

The Short. 

Hi I’m Diarmuid, Founder of Bricks 2 Clicks Marketing, a business growth consultancy that focuses on developing online visibility through search engine and performance marketing strategies. I’m Passionate about developing website SEO, Search Engine & Performance Marketing strategies that drive higher search results for websites, accelerating online visibility and business growth.

The Long. 

Diarmuid began working in the hospitality & retail sectors both here in Ireland and abroad. He gained invaluable experience operating in senior management positions across both these fast paced industry sectors. 

He moved into the digital industry sector seven years ago, firstly working as a digital performance marketer with various startups here in Ireland. He has also mixed his experience in digital, working in a hybrid EMEA Digital Sales & Demand Generation Management role and successfully lead an international sales team to surpass commercial business targets over the first two years of operation.

He also has experience in developing Lead Generation strategies that convert visitors into leads rapidly using the most effective inbound marketing and nurturing techniques through email and content marketing tactics. 

Diarmuid has gained invaluable experience, working on different types of SEO and Search Engine Marketing strategies. Clients he has worked with have ranged from indigenous companies to international brands with a global audience reach.  

​Working in different digital roles and capacities over the last seven years, Diarmuid has come to appreciate the importance of data driven decisions and their value in building digital campaigns and strategies.

With performance marketing its imperative to decipher analytics data in order to build a clear and result driven strategy. That’s why at Bricks 2 Clicks Marketing we don’t guess when building proposals for our clients, we use as much data as we can to provide them with the best options, so they can make the most informed decisions for their business growth strategy.  

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