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Covid-19 Adaptation Fund – Strand B (without premises)


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Funding for Consumables for sanitisation of equipment and safety gear

In recognition of the re-opening costs incurred by tourism businesses, the purpose of this Adaptation Fund (“the Fund”) is to contribute to the costs of implementing Fáilte Ireland’s Guidelines for Re-Opening.It is intended to help support tourism businesses through grant payments to make either the structural adaptations required for fixed, visitor-facing premises, or to cover the cost of COVID-19 related consumables (such as sanitiser or Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)) for those businesses which provide a visitor experience but do not have significant visitor-facing premises, most notably activity/experience providers and some accommodation providers.

Maximum grant amounts are available based on the type and size of the tourism business and the relative costs incurred.Through these support measures, Fáilte Ireland is seeking to encourage and support tourism businesses to re-commence trading, re-engage their employees and relaunch Ireland’s tourism sector in 2020. Businesses must be open at the time of application in order to be eligible for this Fund, in line with the Government’s Roadmap for Re-opening Society and Business.
Businesses will also be required to commit to opening for a minimum period of time between 29 June and 31 December in 2020* in order to be eligible for this Fund.

* An exception will be made where a Government-mandated closure has been ordered for businesses that were already open. These businesses will be eligible to apply for re-opening costs incurred before the mandated closure.

It is a mandatory requirement of this Fund that applicants have complied with the Guidelines for Re-Opening and signed up to the Fáilte Ireland COVID-19 Safety Charter.

Clarifications regarding applications to the Adaptation Fund

  • Licenses: Due to the recent developments and delays regarding new applications for Special Restaurant Licences and Wine Retailers On Licences, Fáilte Ireland will now accept an image of proof of application (the completed Excise Licence Application) instead of an image of the licence itself in the Adaptation Fund application form, to facilitate applicants to apply for funding. As applicants are required to enter a licence number in the Adaptation Fund Form they should enter ‘SRL’ or ‘WROL’ as appropriate.
  • Applicants must still apply to the Adaptation Fund before noon on 31 October 2020. Once an applicant has received the licence they will be required to submit an image of the licence via email (to adaptationfundteam@failteireland.iebefore payment is made, as this is a condition of the Guidelines of the Fund. All applications will continue to be processed and paid in 2020 and in to 2021 once we have received a copy of the licence.
  • Status at time of application: The Guidelines state that businesses must be open at the time of application to be eligible for this Fund, in line with the Government’s Roadmap for Re-opening Society and Business. For clarification, there are 2 exceptions:
  • 1. Where a business was open and has been obliged to close again due to an increase in the restriction level under the Government’s Resilience and Recovery 2020-2021: Plan for Living with Covid-19. In this case, the business may apply for the Adaptation Fund.
  • 2. Where a business has already met the minimum opening requirement of 70 days (see Point 8, under Q15 Qualifying Criteria). Due to the extended deadline of 31 October 2020, if a business has been open for 70 days since 29 June 2020 and has since closed, it may apply for the Adaptation Fund.
  • Evidence of work completed: As part of the application, applicants must provide Fáilte Ireland with evidence of work completed in respect of eligible costs under the Fund before funding can be granted. Typically, this is photographic evidence of the completed work. For clarification, Fáilte Ireland will also accept evidence that the costs have been incurred, even though the work may not yet have been completed. The evidence must be in the form of a binding commitment to undertake the work, e.g. sales order, proforma invoice, contractual commitment, proof of deposit payment etc. A quotation is not sufficient evidence.
  • Medium-sized and large-sized businesses providing evidence that they were not undertakings in difficulty: Initially, businesses which were a medium-sized or large-sized business over 3 years in business were required to provide evidence that they were not an ‘undertaking in difficulty’ as defined by the EU. To facilitate this, such businesses were required to upload an independent accountant’s certificate stating that this was the case. This has now been changed so that either of the following is acceptable:

    • An independent accountant’s certificate/letter/report stating that this is the case based on the 2019 financial accounts received from the business OR
    • An audit report (dated 2019 or 2020), signed by the business’ accountant for the most recently prepared year-end financial statements. The report should state that these financial statements have been prepared on a going concern basis and they agree with this basis of preparation.
  • Fáilte Ireland wishes to encourage as many businesses as possible to avail of the funding in a timely manner from the COVID-19 Adaptation Fundfor the Re-opening of Tourism & Hospitality Businesses. In order to encourage this, applicants under this Scheme can apply for the Adaptation Fund if they have signed up to and are in the process of obtaining the Safety Charter.
  • Grantees will be required to complete the Safety Charter within 3 months of receiving a grant from the Adaptation Fund. Grantees who do not complete the Charter within this time frame will be required to pay back any funding received. 

Listing Details

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Value: Range from €500 to €15,000
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