Darren Cawley

Darren Cawley – Motivational Speaker & Educator


I speak on overcoming adversity, resilience, finding purpose in the work you do.

I use the lessons from my personal story to motivate and inspire others. With over 1,800 hospital sessions for dialysis, & 2 transplants, coupled with a Degree in Sports and a Masters in Health Promotion I offer interesting perspectives on health, wellbeing and life.
Main clients are in the Pharma/Medtech sector but I’ve also spoken for schools, colleges, conferences and events including the EU Parliament on 2 occasions.

I’ve used lockdown to creating a small eBook and an online course called “From Victimhood to Resilience”. Both for people within my niche (kidney disease) – available to download from my website.

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  • (087) 621-0695
  • info@darrencawley.com

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