We are a family run carbon conscious, plant-based skincare and wellness company from Athlone. We manufacture skincare, essential oils and diffusers at our workshop in Athlone and distribute from the same location. We measure how much carbon is used to create each product.nOur whole ingredient line of products, (including an innovative CBD range) deliver wonderful results such as younger, brighter skin but thats not entirely the point. We offer bespoke gift hampers, corporate gifting, a wrapping services and worldwide delivery.nOur focus is ‘slow beauty’.nOur focus is low-impact cultivation.nOur focus is artisan style manufacturing.nOur focus is wellness.nWe believe in a slow beauty model and that beauty lives above and beyond our bodies. Our skincare offerings celebrate the wisdom of those gone before us by mixing herbaceous and floral elements to unlock inner radiance.nOur Wellness Salves, Serums and Oils take the skin one step further and invite the body to collaborate toward an invigoration of wellness. Using the latest extraction technologies we harness the ancient plant power of hemp and CBD to reduce inflammation and bolster the immune system.ndeDANÚ offers beautiful, sustainable packaging that elevates experiences from the very first touch. A perfect balance of functional and aesthetic elements that creates a poetic experience, awakening the senses and balancing body and mind.n

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