Drive In Santa at the RDS


How it works?

Please print off your ticket and bring it with you. Your ticket will be scanned through your closed car window on arrival. You will then proceed to enter our attraction.

You may put your widows down to let the children see the surroundings better. You must follow the instructions from the Elves at all times, they will guide you through the entire experience.

When you approach our friendly Elf please follow their instructions, you must stop and switch your engine off, this will allow the scene to start and actors to be able to approach your car safely. When the scene is finished the Elf will ask you to move on to the next section so turn on your engine and drive to the next scene.

You will have an opportunity to visit Santa himself in his Grotto at then end of the experience. Santa will be kept at a safe distance, but will be as jolly and festive as always, and is very excited to meet all the children. His helper Elves will give small treats to the children, through their car windows.

The entire attraction will take approx 15 -20 min to complete. You must go to every scene in the attraction. Once you enter you cannot leave early due to safety reasons

Ticket booking & arrival

Tickets are limited, please book early to avoid dissapointment.

  • Early Bird tickets €39 + fees. Total : (€42.32)
  • General Release €49 + fees. Total : (€53.17)
  • Final Release €55.00 + fees. Total : (€59.68)
  • 🎟️ 1 TICKET = 🚗 1 CAR
  • 1 CAR = 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 up to 7 PEOPLE

Please arrive at the time of your booking ONLY. Early or late entries will not be accommodated due to traffic restrictions at the venue Entry is via Simmonscourt road, RDS, Dublin 4

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Black Friday Special Offer 15% off tickets for the following dates this Black Friday, please use the following code at the point of purchase. CODE - BLACKFRIDAYDRIVEINSANTA WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 2ND MONDAY, DECEMBER 14TH TUESDAY, DECEMBER 15TH Santa Claus is still coming to town! With Dublin’s first brand new socially distant drive-thru Christmas attraction, Santa’s Drive-In Grotto! Safe & magical experience! This year, Mr & Mrs Claus have been hard at work building a North Pole Outpost in the RDS, so their team of elves can carry out their important operations safely and socially distant. For the first time ever, you will be granted backstage access to see Santa’s Magical Operations while getting to meet the man himself...

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