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Organic cotton feels softer because it is free from harsh chemicals, which could irritate your baby’s skin. It is also more durable because the fibers are not broken down with harsh chemicals & processes.

Organic cotton reduces allergic reactions and rashes because there are no traces of the harmful pesticides used to grow conventional cotton in the actual fibres. These chemicals could be absorbed through your baby’s thin skin and can cause allergies, rashes and respiratory problems. Organic cotton does not use GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and is 100% natural.

Organic farming keeps farmers healthy. Conventional cotton farming is harmful to farmers health and the chemicals used can cause cancers such as Lymphoma.

Organic cotton production has been shown to cause 98% less water pollution than non-organic cotton production. It also uses much less water. Organic farming also protects our soil from being poisoned with harsh chemicals.  

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They say you are more creative when you’ve less to work with. This is true for us. I started printing babygrows with thirty year old silkscreens borrowed from my father-in-law.  I began drawing again while on maternity leave as I wanted some fresh & original baby clothes for my little girl to wear, things I couldn’t find on the high street in Ireland. I also missed my printing days at NCAD.  So I started to screen print blank babygrows and set up a facebook page to see if anyone liked what I was doing. The first inks I bought were black and neon pink. One of my first designs was a neon pink Matryoshka doll. Back then there was very little neon around and I hadn’t seen a Matryoshka doll print anywhere. So people liked my prints! As the orders came in & we started supplying local stores, (our first stockist was the awesome Jam Art Factory in Temple Bar) I began searching for premium organic cotton. At first it was solely for its kindness to baby & kids skin. I soon learned the importance of organic, ethically made baby clothes. I found the most beautiful organic cotton and a place in India. Employees are paid fair wages and work in safe conditions. The cottons used are GOTS Certified organic cotton.  A lot of the graphics are hand printed here in Ireland using Eco-friendly inks as this little online business has its roots in the traditional screen printing process. 

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