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Fiona Turley is an Irish artist working from her Studio / Gallery in Kilworth, Cork. Fiona has a passion for colour and pattern which is evident in each of her unique pieces of artwork.nFiona’s use of vibrant colour is influenced by a love of travel and culture, though she admits she is mostly inspired by the everyday, nature, Irish landscapes and the sea.nPersonalised PrintsnCelebrate a special occasion with a personalised gift. Fiona hand-finishes each print with love and care making a unique and memorable present. Celebrate weddings, new babies, anniversaries, families and new homes.nLimited Edition PrintsnFiona’s limited edition print collection is a carefully selected range of images that best capture her unique style.nBespoke Artwork for Special OccasionsnFiona captures special scenes and memories using watercolours and fine pen detailing.nSilk PaintingsnFiona is best known for her paintings on silk. Painting on silk is an unusual medium that allows for vibrant colours and a sense of fluidity in each unique painting.nCanvasnFiona loves to make a bold statement in a room with her bright and vibrant canvasses. Painting on canvas allows for texture and intense colours that make a big impact in a home.n

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