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Graphenstone is a natural paint created using a lime base with graphene technology added. This gives a natural and organic product, free of VOCs and formaldehyde, breathable and with a high pH, which prevents the appearance of mould and fungus.nOur Premium Range will absorb Carbon from the atmosphere improving air quality. Our ecological range is as equally enviornmentally friendly with all the benefits less the carbon absorption.nGraphenstone will not cost an arm and a leg. Our pricing is in line with other Irish paint brands. These other Irish paint brands will find it hard to match as clean a paint with the coverage that you can achieve from our paint selection.nThe range of Graphenstone Paints available to Irish customers has been carefully selected by our paint experts who have over 30 years experience in support customers find their perfect paint solution.nTo find your perfect paint solution, contact our team Today!n

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