I help SME & Startups grow, scaleup for success through guidance, practical support and assistance to access micro financing.

Hi I’m Alison,

I know how challenging it is to run a business – the pressure to deliver, the to-do list never shrinking, and struggling to get the right support and guidance without feeling like I’ve failed. I have experienced the loneliness of making tough decisions and wondering if they were the right ones!

My experiences have driven me to guide and grow the small business and startup environment, so I created Idunn, to offer the help, guidance and support that I would have loved access to.

I offer guided support, a trusted space where ideas can be discussed without judgement.

Assistance on those tasks that you just keep putting off, or you know would be great for the business but don’t have the energy to start! A business partner through funding, micro-financing and advice, with a vested interest in ensuring your business succeeds.

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We are results based, but can offer a 15% reduction for IT members, or work through IT recommendations for clients taken on before year end who use our 'Focus' or 'Scaleup' services

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