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Our Mission

Like so many others, we are concerned by the amount of plastic waste being washed into our oceans, polluting our ecosystems and posing a serious threat to our wildlife. At Karma, we decided to act. How? Coming from a sports background, we wanted to stick with what we know. We offer a product range of sports items that combine both sustainability through the use of recycled and reusable material, as well as quality through our passion for sports. We believe that through our actions something good can come from something bad.

Our current product range includes sportswear using fabric made from recycled plastic bottles, certified by the Repreve tag, we also offer reusable, stainless steel water bottles, which can also function as a thermos.

We believe in delivering high quality products to our customers. We achieve this through ensuring products are resistant, durable, comfortable and fashionable. We want our customers to be happy with their choice of product, as well as their choice of brand.

At Karma we value: Sustainability + Quality + Comfort + Durability + Fashion = Good Karma

Build your good Karma today by becoming a Karma customer and joining our community!

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