Kathryn Davey


Textile Designer from Dublin. A line of luxurious, naturally dyed pieces for women, children & home.

I am a self taught designer and natural dyer living in Dublin, Ireland. I spent most of my 20 & 30’s under the blue skies of California.  While living in the North Bay of San Francisco I began experimenting with natural dyes & fell down the most beautiful rabbit hole into a world of natural colour. After a series of very unfortunate events myself & my daughters returned home to Dublin a little over 6 years ago. It was during the first two years of returning home that I committed to building a business based on sustainable production through natural dyes. Since then I have been working hard to create & establish what you see.

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Delivery Radius: All Ireland delivery
Parking Capacity: 0

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  • +353 85 8264427
  • info@kathryndavey.com
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