A scaleup ecosystem

A vibrant community of startups and corporates focused on scale.

What We Do

We built a state-of-the-art workspace for tech teams and innovators to do their best work, in one of the must beautiful places on earth.

We create accelerator programmes to help you scale and connect you with investors, mentors, pioneering technology and R&D to accelerate tech innovation.

We bring the right people together, to build better.

Workspaces and Events

Whether you are on the hunt for a workspace where you can connect, collaborate and scale or you want to host an event with us, we have the space and tech tools for you

Collaborative Workspace

World Class Tech Community

Cutting Edge Tech Tools

Lower Cost Innovation

Trusted Network of Advisors & Mentors

Partner Perks

Access to Investors

National Hotdesk Passport

Exclusive Invites to Events

Listing Details

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Our commmunity is a mix of HPSUs, scaling startups and corporates co-creating and collaborating together to accelerate growth.

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