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Metalman Brewing, born in 2011 when two beer enthusiasts decided they’d had enough of the outlandishly limited selection of beer available in Ireland. Armed with a desire for more authentic Irish beer and some blind optimism, they decided to help do something about it.
Gráinne chucked in her I.T. job and went about setting up the brewery. Meanwhile Tim stayed at the day job and indulged her madcap notions. (Trooper.) The first Metalman beers were brewed at the White Gypsy brewery in Tipperary under contract while the Waterford facility underwent a transformation from empty industrial unit to fully functioning brewery. Production finally moved across to the Tycor brewery in early 2012 and things really started to get underway. Tim joined the brewery full time in 2013, no longer able to stand by watching the brewery staff have so much fun while he went to meetings and sat on conference calls.  *Yawn*
At the end of 2014,  the first canning line was installed at an Irish microbrewery, and cans of Metalman Pale Ale hit the shelves in January 2015. With the demand for cans growing by the month, a brewhouse upgrade ensued, and by the end of 2015, the original 6.5HL brewhouse was decommissioned and up for sale. The new 24HL brewhouse made things a lot more efficient and those new releases just kept on coming!
Since then it’s been busy-busy with seasonals, limited releases, an evolving core range and non-stop fun and innovation. What can you say? Making beer is fun!

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