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For many years, Sonia Deasy – a mother of five – worked alongside her husband in the business of portrait photography. It was during this time, while she got up close and personal with people’s pores, that she decided to find a simple skincare solution to remedy dull skin. Pestle & Mortar quickly became a cult favourite with Irish beauty lovers.

As a busy mother-of-five, Pestle & Mortar co-founder Sonia Deasy understands how difficult it can be to find a daily skincare routine that is both simple and effective.

Sonia worked for many years alongside her husband in a business where she looked at people’s skin all day, every day. The business was portrait photography and through the camera lens, every little problem that make-up tried to hide was highlighted.

Sonia became determined to find a simple daily skincare solution to remedy dull, dehydrated skin. Driven by the belief that skincare shouldn’t be complicated, she created a line of simple, highly effective skincare products.

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