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Cycling has never been as popular as it is now – or at least not since the 1950s. This place can keep you safe and dry and your wheels spinning.

About Tadáias

Creator of Tadáias, Thomas McLaughlin has a wealth of experience as a high-end fashion designer. He qualified from The National College of Art & Design (NCAD) Dublin and began working in the industry at the highest level, with international renowned Fashion Designer John Rocha and displaying collections at London Fashion Week for almost a decade. The combination of his deep passion for cycling and his extensive experience of tailoring, fabrics and design is displayed in each garment.

Tadáias is a new fresh name in high quality, technical cycle wear design and is based in Ireland. Tadáias creates the finest cycling clothing and accessories for both on & off the bike. Designed without compromise for the most discerning rider, Tadáias products blend optimum performance, the finest fabrics and modern style. We were established to make a difference.

A passion for road racing means Tadáias is more than just a product company. It is an online emporium of performance roadwear, accessories celebrating the glory and commitment of road riding. Tadáias does not compromise on quality. Our cycling garments are designed to wear like a second skin for comfort, with technical fabrics for unbeatable cycling performance and with stunning looks. Our product range is built on an in-depth knowledge and deep passion for road cycling, born out of hours spent in the saddle, and years of design and tailoring experience.

Tadáias has teamed-up with the Belgium Company Bodhi, who shares our passion and commitment to design, quality and customer service, to launch our new Tadáias ranges. 

Tadáias cycle clothing is handcrafted; tailored garments created with the finest Italian fabrics. Our online ordering system is fast and easy. Our goal is to create the finest cycling clothing and accessories to be comfortable and long lasting garments: garments you will love.

Tadáias has developed and is proud to offer its own brand line of unique designs and tailored cycle wear with a classic, modern and contemporary styling.

We are also a customised clothing provider with a strong club focus helping you with our design expertise to arrive at your new Club kit that excites and enthuses your team.

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