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You could spend half your life swabbing, mopping, cleaning and wiping. You could spend a fortune on supplies of disinfectants and anti-viral products. Although they will always be important, you can significantly reduce your cleansing times by investing in the cleanest, most convenient solution to disinfection. Meet our top quality, highly effective UVC lights.

4Bay-Purification-Light 600w
4Bay-Mobile-Steriliser 600w
  • Disinfects any room, of any size, any time you want
  • Affordable
  • Highly effective
  • Lab tested by SGS  with verified kill rates as high as 99.9%
  • Fully automated with on-board scheduling – you can set the timers to switch on for a set time. There’s a handy calculator to help you decide what strength of lamp you need, bearing in mind the size of the room. Here’s a link to the calculator, which you can either set for specific times of day or exposure times
  • Excellent on-board safety – If the sensor sees any movement from a living creature the lamp will instantly switch off. It’ll only switch back after 30 seconds passes without any more detected movement
  • Compatible with building management systems. Building Management systems can be used to switch the lamps on and off automatically, and you can easily use interlocking doors and biometrics to ensure people’s safety

Brilliant clinical-grade disinfection for your organisation

UVC light kills germs safely and effectively. It’s so good at disinfecting that it has become a key weapon in infection control. In fact it is powerful enough to kill some of the most challenging pathogens on earth, nasties like MRSA, salmonella, E. coli, Norovirus, C.difficile , and the novel Covid-19 coronavirus.

Reliable Covid-19 UV disinfection

UVC light kills the Covid-19 virus quickly and efficiently. It’s so much easier and faster than trying to make sure every single surface and object that a person might have touched is properly cleaned using a disinfectant.

In the long run it’s a lot cheaper too, simply because you don’t need a constant supply of cleaning products. And once you can confirm to your customers that your place is always clean and safe, it gives you an edge over your less-efficient, less diligent competitors.

Making UV light disinfection tech affordable

Until recently UVC disinfection was only possible with a large, expensive machines. These mobile UVC carts help hospitals boost patient outcomes, but the high price and the cost of operating and maintaining the machines means they’ve been way out of reach of most organisations until now.

​What has changed? It’s all about miniaturisation. These days high intensity, full spectrum UV light can be generated using smaller, lower cost LED light engines. These are be more powerful than the traditional gas fluorescent/discharge technologies of the past; offering reduced exposure times due the higher intensive power ranges available. This together with an extensive lifetime of up to eight times greater than a UV fluorescent tube.

Dazzlingly good disinfection by design

Would your organisation benefit from reliable whole-room disinfection using full spectrum UV? If you’d like to be able to disinfect an entire room with a simple flick of a switch, that’s what we can do for you. If you’d like a system that lets you pre-programme your disinfection protocols, even overnight disinfection, our system does that too.

To find out more about our superb quality, mobile high intensity full spectrum UVC lamps, get in touch.

We’ll help you tap into the remarkable germ-killing power of UVC light at a price that won’t break the bank.

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