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Luxury super soft, organic cashmere jumpers, scarves, hats and more. Designed in Ireland, made in Mongolia.

Wearwith – inspired by a simple oatmeal coloured boatneck, founded so you can invest in good quality timeless pieces and style them for all occasions, for all ages and for ever.

Timelessness, sustainable design and functionality are at the core of our design philosophy. We design our products to stand the test of time so that they will bring luxury and joy when cared for.

Practicality – our Sweaters suit everyone and can be dressed up and down. As we all rush around with our busy lives, deciding what to wear and how to adapt our style and wardrobe for different situations can be difficult. With a Wearwith sweater you can look good earliy, quickly, conventiently and change the look of our sweater with our matching accessories – cashmere neck Scarves, detachable Polos and Collars.

Sustainability – we believe in sustainable design and manufacturing. Sustainable is a much used word these days, for WearWith it means our pieces are created without causing harm to the environment, it means our designs are not based on trends or fashion, we invest a lot of time ensuring the design suits everyone and goes with everything. Taking inspiration from Jane Birkin and Francois Hardy we employ classic lines and colours that can be worn by all age groups and we blieve will still look smart in 10 or even 20 years from now.

Organic – not all cashmere is organic, and whilst Cashmere is not as detrimental for the environment as the production of Cotton, and it can be recycled or composted, the drive for cheaper cashmere has led to the desertification of the Gobi desert and not all goats are fairly treated, nor indeed are all factory workers.
With our GOTS certification we can ensure that the pastures are replanted, the staff and conditions are well treated and maintained and the goats are treated with love and care. Our manufacturing process also ensures all dyes used are not harmful for the environment.

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Black Friday Special Offer We are trying to turn Black Friday Green - 20% off all Organic Black Cashmere with code "black20", Designed in ireland, Made in Mongolia.

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