A gorgeous little shop on Galway’s Quay St that was always worth a browse in pre-Covid times. While the shop is on the small side, there are no space issues on the website. Plenty of wooden and traditional toys. Our Values

Wooden Heart has been striving from it’s beginning to provide children with natural and educationally worthwhile toys, we believe that the greatest gift we can give a child is the gift to explore the world in a safe and imaginative way, that develops the senses and leads to greater understanding of the world.

Well developed senses are the essential foundation for the growth and development of your child, and if the tools or toys that we give children support these senses without overloading them then we can support and guide each child to experience and understand the world more fully. With the right balance of physical movement and creative exploration and play, every child is able to reach their full potential in the world.

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  • +353 (0)91 563 542
  • info@woodenheart.ie
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