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Ireland Together was born from a 4 hour zoom call among four entrepreneurs (some of whom had never met in person), with diverse corporate and founder backgrounds.  United by shared values, and fuelled by a desire to help companies navigate and adapt as the Pandemic unfolded, we put our busy minds together to see what value we could create for Irish businesses.

Within 2 weeks of meeting, Ireland Together was launched as an online community for business leaders to quickly access the resources, advice and networks needed to thrive.   We believe in the power of a diverse collective to solve our most complex challenges hence the platform is industry agnostic, free, and open to everyone.  We are thankful to have the support of some large tech companies and national media outlets around the country as we continue to build a thriving and trusted community.

Almost a year later, Ireland Together has become the go-to resource for over 1,300 professionals and business owners, spanning the 32 counties of Ireland, and further afield to over 16 countries.

The community services and activities range from weekly learning sessions across hot topics like Finance, Marketing, Sales and Technology, as well as on-demand advice, speed networking events, virtual entertainment, drop-in coffee sessions, business coaching and mentoring, focus groups, beta user groups, startup support and much much more.

While born during a pandemic, and in lockdown, Ireland Together addresses a growing desire and need for leaders to connect regardless of location. For many, it’s a lifeline and opportunity to come together, share knowledge and experience, and feel part of a vibrant and welcoming community.  Our members are the essence of the community and inspire us every day with their resilience and mindset.

Ireland Together remains a free, non-profit business community, the power of which, combined with empathy, trust, kindness, paying-it-forward, reciprocity and collective thinking, will ensure our future success, together.

Our Pillars

Membership Statistics

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Membership continues from grow week to week.  Over 90% of our new members are referred via word of mouth or a social connection.  

Membership Sentiment


70% of members report challenges in working remotely.. While we are getting to grips with remote technologies, we see a negative impact on productivity and work-life balance in recent months caused by homeschooling and lack of childcare.


Only 20% of members report having the right support networks around them. Despite the enormous efforts of government bodies to make resources available to SMEs, the landscape is fragmented and confusing


Almost 70% of members are concerned about the impact of Covid-19 on their business. The impact of the prolonged economic shutdown has caused this metric to rise to 85% in Q1'21 with no immediate relief in sight.

The pulse of our community is continuously monitored and reported.  For more information, please email us at

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In Partnership with The Sunday Times - two 8-page supplements 'My Business & SME'

Founding Team

Louise O'Conor - Co-Founder & Chief Digital Officer

Louise O'Conor

Cofounder & Chief Digital Officer

Louise is a strategic and innovative business advisor, transforming and scaling businesses (startups, SMEs, multinationals) across global markets and industries.

Mindi Caselden

Mindi Caselden

Cofounder & Chief Synergy Officer

Mindi is a transformative coach, helping individuals and organisations develop a holistic awareness of their interconnected ecosystem, to engage, trust emergence, and transform themselves and the world around them with strategic ingenuity and integrity.

Joanne Griffin - Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Joanne Griffin

Cofounder & Chief Operations Officer

Joanne transitioned from a long career in finance and technology to  researching human adaptability and how we adopt new technologies

Colin Harris

Cofounder & Chief People Officer

Colin has spent his career helping companies to hire, train and develop their staff to ensure the best productivity from the teams.

Member Testimonials

Probably the best description of Ireland Together is a community workplace. It’s a great place just to have those open conversations you would have in an office space. It’s growing and growing but retaining its ethos of bringing people together. The real value for me has been the connections, the people, the introductions. I love the coaching group - I think it's fantastic - the discussion that goes on around it is absolutely brilliant.
Ireland Together is a brilliant manifestation of some of the best qualities and traits of the Irish people. We’re an entrepreneurial bunch, you can see that in not only in the community, but in the start up environment across the country. We also respond well to a crisis - we don’t do self pity, we try to get stuck in, and we don’t tolerate egos. If you roll all of these qualities up - what you get is the essence of Ireland Together. It's a group of diverse people looking to share knowledge, help and support each other, while having a few laughs along the way.

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