10th December 2020

IrelandTogether, Ireland’s fastest growing community of SMEs, is shining a light on artists as we close out a very difficult year for the creative sector.

Ireland Together mobilises resources to support Irish artists throughout December.  Since March of this year, exhibitions have been cancelled and galleries have shut their doors – effectively shutting down a main income stream for artists.  Our artist community is central to our Irish identity – woven into the fabric of our lives for generations.   The impact of the pandemic on the art sector has been detrimental.   It’s time to shine a light on the wonderful talent we have in Ireland, support in whatever way we can, and lift our collective spirits before the end of 2020.

Artists Together

The Arts and Culture Recovery Taskforce released its report ‘Life Worth Living’ in October 2020 reporting that the impact of COVID-19 on the sector has been more detrimental, and will last longer, than any other sector.  Our mission at IrelandTogether, is to create a supportive eco-system that enables ALL small businesses to survive this crisis and emerge stronger and more resilient.  We are putting the expertise and generosity of our community to work and offering a platform to artists to showcase their work.

“We recognize that we have limited time, and capacity, to adapt our business models and learn new skills while keeping the lights on.  We are offering a platform to artists to showcase their work while leaving the administration and operations to our team” says Colin Harris, Co-founder of IrelandTogether.ie.  “A core value in our community is that none of us is smarter than all of us – nor should we need to know everything or do everything alone.  Through the power and support of community, we can help each other succeed”

Online Auction

An online auction will take place via artiststogether.ie from 10th December 2020 running through to 17th December.  Artists wishing to get involved can submit their work on the site.  Buyers simply peruse the ‘gallery’, find something they like, and make a bid!

IrelandTogether is a non-profit peer-to-peer community set up in response to the unfolding economic uncertainty faced by Irish SMEs.  Since it was set up in April 2020, the membership has grown to over 1,100 business leaders connecting daily within the community discussion forum, sharing learnings at events, and collaborating with each other on projects and business models.  


Joanne Griffin

A former tech exec @ Linkedin, and a Chartered Accountant with over 25 years experience in leading finance, business transformation, intelligent automation and analytics. Joanne founded AdaptIQ to help individuals and companies thrive in an increasingly volatile landscape, by fostering an adaptable mindset, embracing ambiguity, and unlocking creativity. She is a frequent speaker on the topics of emerging technologies, crowdsourcing, and driving transformational change.

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