Ireland Together is a non-profit organisation which recognised the need to protect and insulate businesses from the impacts of COVID-19 and to support the economy through reinvention and repurposing productivity into new channels.

Focused on supporting, stabilising, and providing guidance to businesses through the creation of a digital all-island network, the group’s aim is to help businesses navigate these unprecedented times and make changes to how they trade so that Ireland may return to prosperity.

Ireland Together provides access to experts with decades of experience across a full spectrum of business functions, including Recruitment & Human Resources, Digital Transformation, Finance & Accounts, Sales & Marketing, Executive Coaching, PR & Communications, and much more.

The organisation was founded by entrepreneurs Joanne Griffin, Colin Harris, Louise O’Conor and Paddy Ryan alongside an advisory panel of Jeff and Mindi Caselden, Les Dunne, Fiona Conway, Collette Doyle, and Saleena Shaw while working remotely from their own homes, most without ever meeting in person – an example of what can be done through the power of collaboration and support.

Joanne Griffin, Ireland Together co-founder & Adapt IQ CEO said: “I’m a strong proponent of collective intelligence – the power of collaboration and diverse perspectives to generate better business outcomes.   I’m confident that the business community of Ireland can offer great support to each other and co-create a brighter future together.”

Louise O’Conor, Ireland Together co-founder & Beta Digital Company Director, said: “I’m passionate about making a difference, supporting others, connecting people and turning ideas into business reality to disrupt and transform industries and societies. I believe this initiative will do exactly that. By bringing people, skills and compassion together, Ireland’s business community will show its resilience, strength and solidarity to not only survive these challenging times but to thrive and help build a prosperous future together.”

Colin Harris, Ireland Together co-founder & VIP Recruitment Managing Director, said: “I have always believed that in times of crisis, support needs to come from everywhere and we need to all work together. I wanted to form a group with a purpose of making a difference in our community by leveraging the collective expertise, time, and support of our members. Using the latest technologies we aim to provide a platform which makes helping and being helped simple and easy for companies of all sizes.”

Mindi Caselden, Ireland Together Head of Customer Experience & Caselden Consulting Managing Director, said: As a firm believer in “stronger together” I know this country can come together and support each other during this crisis. It is the power of people that will make the most impact on our future. Having a platform to bring people together, share resources, knowledge, and support will enable our business community to survive, even thrive, through this crisis.

The resulting diversity of ideas can generate even better outcomes, products, and services for people across the island. It is the resilience and strength the Irish are famous for that will build a better future for all.

Once registered, members will have access to discussion forums, our evolving knowledge bank, and free business mentoring hours to use with an adviser of their choice from our advisor panel.

Businesses that want to become a member of the online community can sign up here 

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Ireland Together is a group of professionals and entrepreneurs committed to finding innovative solutions to the challenges presented by the changes that the COVID-19 crisis has brought to how we all live, work, and play. We believe and understand the interconnectedness that drives economic prosperity and growth and that by bringing Ireland together we create a stronger future.

“In years to come… let them say of us… when things were at their worst… we were at our best.”

Leo Varadkar 17 March 2020

Businesses that want to become a member of the online community can sign up here 



Joanne Griffin

A former tech exec @ Linkedin, and a Chartered Accountant with over 25 years experience in leading finance, business transformation, intelligent automation and analytics. Joanne founded AdaptIQ to help individuals and companies thrive in an increasingly volatile landscape, by fostering an adaptable mindset, embracing ambiguity, and unlocking creativity. She is a frequent speaker on the topics of emerging technologies, crowdsourcing, and driving transformational change.

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