Are you ready for another year of working from home?

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Although most of us are in no mood for resolutions as we open a new calendar, our physical and mental health demands a better way of negotiating the imposition of the professional sphere into the home. Here’s what the experts have to say

When many people set up a makeshift work station at their kitchen table or in their bedroom last year, they presumed this would be a relatively short-lived situation. But it seems that remote working is here to stay well into 2021, with Google just one of the companies planning to reopen its Irish workplace this September. In any case, flexible working, which combines remote working with office life, is predicted to become the new normal in the future.

This means that many homeworkers might need to rethink their current set-ups and consider whether working from home is as rewarding and productive as it could be for them.

Full article available at: Irish Independent, Are you ready for another year of working from home? How to avoid 2020 mistakes, ensure better balance – and avoid burnout

Vithoria Escobar

Masters educated Public Relations and Marketing professional, with seven years international experience planning and managing strategic communications. Results-driven, with substantial knowledge across multiple industries and markets, including Digital, Technology, Corporate and Public Affairs. Available for both permanent and temporary roles in Digital Marketing, Social Media, Content Creation & Public Relations.

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