Returning to the workplace Conference Series

Aww - you missed ALL FOUR WEEKS of our conference series. Check out the replays on our YouTube channel!

Session Times


What to Expect

Adapting the workplace

Hear from industry experts on what is expected, and what to expect, as we return to the workplace

Compliance Obligations

Learn from legal and knowledge experts on the breadth of new legislation impacting employers and employees on their return

People Matters

A series of panel discussions focused on personal disruption, physical and mental wellness, and team effectiveness

Future of Work

Bringing it all together - exploring FoW trends and implications for how, and where, we work

Connect through Conversation

None of us is smarter than all of us

Collaborate for Success

It Takes a village to build back better

Business support, Industry Knowledge

Access Insights from Industry Experts

Be Informed, Be Prepared

Get Ready for the future of work

why you should join

What started in March 2020 as ‘The Great Remote Working Experiment‘ has become a new way of life for many.  As the vaccine roll-out continues, and Covid-19 infections rates fall, we must again begin to plan a safe return to the workplace. 

A recent study reported that just over a third of workers will return to the office on a full-time basis.  The implications for workspaces, HR policies, performance management, leadership, and lifestyle choices are wide-ranging and potentially disruptive to business. 

This conference will be delivered in bitesize chunks of 2 hours weekly over 4 weeks.  Join us as we explore the latest trends, hear what others are doing, and make plans for the future of work!

Be Informed.  Be Prepared.

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