Ultimate guide to starting a business in Ireland in 2021

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Thinking about starting your own business? ThinkBusiness.ie compiles a guide with everything you need to know about being an entrepreneur in Ireland, including business plans, grants, and resources.

Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?

Woman entrepreneur standing before gravity of a rocket on a wall.

Starting a business: The characteristics that make up a successful entrepreneur are manifold, but ultimately they boil down to five crucial sets of qualities.

Resources for starting and growing a business in Ireland

Man building with wooden blocks.

Starting or growing your business in 2021? Here’s a useful guide to resources, finance, supports, grants, allowances, accelerators and programmes in Ireland.

How to write a really great business plan

Woman standing in front of a white board.

Starting a business: Your business plan is fundamental to your business journey – effectively a north star for you, your colleagues and potentially investors and lenders to stay on track.

Why business mentoring matters

Man in black jumper on tan seat.

Starting a Business? Celebrated business coach Jamie White explains the difference between mentoring and coaching and why mentoring matters.

Full article available here: ThinkBusiness.ie – Ultimate Guide To Starting A Business In Ireland In 2021

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