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Under Irish law, including specific details on their letterheads and websites is mandatory for all companies. This informative blog piece by Boland Law explains all you need to know about such requirements.

Business letters and order forms 

  •  The following information must be included on business letters and order forms:  
  • The name of the company including the legal form of the company (e.g. Ltd, dac etc)  
  • The place of registration of the company and its registered company number  
  • The registered office address of the company  
  • If a company is in the process of being wound up, this must be stated 
  •  If the share capital of the company is referred to, then it must reference the paid up issued share capital 
  •  If a company is exempt from the obligation to use the company type as part of its name, it must state that it has an exemption  

Directors’ Details 

  • Companies must also include details of their directors on all of their business letters on or in which the company’s name appears:  
  • The first (or initials) and last name of each director (or any former first or last name of any director)
  •  The nationality of any director who is not Irish
  • Companies may apply for an exemption from this requirement to disclose these details though an exemption will only be granted in special circumstances.  


Your company’s website must include the same information which is required to be included on businesses letters, on its homepage or by way of a link from its homepage, for example, the information could be included on an ‘About Us’ page.  

Trading under a business name 

If your company trades under a business name, you must state this on the company’s business stationery e.g. Grace Boland Ltd trading as Boland Law and also disclose the information set out above.eview the Irish implementing legislation to check if it contains any additional measures over above those contained in the Directive.  

Falling foul  

Don’t fall foul! Failure to comply with the requirements to disclose the above information on company stationery and on company websites is an offence under the Companies Acts and may result in a fine of up to €5,000.  

What action will your Company need to take to ensure compliance with Company Law requirements? 

  • Check your website to see if it satisfies the requirements, if not, make sure to update it.  
  • Review and/or update your company stationery to ensure that it satisfies the requirements  

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