How To Employ & Pay Remote Employees Around the World

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The workforce is expanding globally for many companies out there. So how to make this process easier? This article from Remotive tells you everything you need to know before hiring your remote employees!

Hi, I’m Rodolphe from Remotive, helping remote companies hire since 2014.

I was Buffer’s Director of Operations & Finance, paying out $8 million/year of salaries to remote team-members in 15+ countries. Paying people internationally is my pet peeve!

This guide answers a popular question from our community:

“How do I legally and easily hire international employees remotely?”

Disclaimer: I’m not a lawyer. My thoughts don’t constitute legal advice. This is meant as an FYI, take it with a grain of salt. Please do your legal homework 🙂

Companies want to offer the best to their remote/international employees.

Most remote companies easily hire international team-mates as contractors. All they have to do is to set up recurring payments and… that’s it!

Beyond compensation, this also makes remote companies less competitive versus a local employer that can offer full, local benefits.

Also, contractors may have to face local authorities reclassifying them as employees, which can be terrible for them.

Most companies don’t intend to treat international employees as second class citizens, unfortunately this happens often.

It shows through pay, benefits, employee status, breaks, sick time, overtime pay…

For instance, US-based companies often offer 401k and health-insurance locally but not internationally. Does this look familiar?

> What message are you sending to those foreign workers when you treat them differently?

Source:, How To Employ & Pay Remote Employees Around The World

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