4 Things A Successful Hybrid Workforce Requires

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What are the requirements of a hybrid workforce?

As widespread vaccination continues to unfold, business leaders must begin planning for a post-pandemic workforce. It’s important to consider that 77% of employees said they would like to continue working remotely, and another survey even revealed that 30% would quit their jobs entirely if required to return to their desks.

Still, many employees and employers do recognize the benefits of in-person work. This is especially true as all the time people have spent videoconferencing during the pandemic has made Zoom fatigue prevalent. What’s more, technology simply can’t replace the full experience of collaborating and engaging in person.

A hybrid work approach could be the happy medium for many. This model offers employees more flexibility when it comes to where and how they work. A hybrid approach can bring greater work-life balance for employees, reduce office expenses for business leaders, and even attract more talent and increase retention.

To realize the benefits of a hybrid workforce, business leaders should address the following considerations:

1. Clear policies and expectations

A hybrid approach should emphasize flexibility. Think of a policy not as a restriction but as guidance to help employees understand how to meet expectations from anywhere. Start with a solid understanding of how your employees work now, how they feel they work best, and how they would prefer to work in the future. Use this information to inform specifics such as office attendance and working hours.

Will days in the office be required or entirely optional? If you decide to require in-person office days, be sure to outline the specific reasoning behind it. If employees need to be online for a set number of hours each day, outline that in the policy. Include guidance and expectations for how employees should communicate times they must be offline during those hours.

Full article available here:
Forbes, 4 Things A Successful Hybrid Workforce Requires

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