Converting Employee Absence to Attendance

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By Mary Finn

Has your organisation ever struggled to support people back to work after an absence? Many organisations do not have the necessary internal resources to develop and implement return to work strategies for employees who acquire an illness, condition or impairment which impacts their ability to carry out their job.

“All organizations, big and small, have to deal with absenteeism – it is inevitable! Absenteeism is usually unpredictable or uncertain and often unexpected resulting in feelings of loss of control as to when a return to work can happen…..”

Mary Finn

Did you know?

The earlier the interventions the more positive the outcome. At 6 months of absence, 50% of employees do not return to the workplace. At 12months absence, that increases to 80% not returning to the workplace.

How does it work?

Vocational Rehabilitation Case Management is a collaborative process focusing on developing and implementing a customized plan to support you and your employee to remain in or return to work. It requires coordination with regular communications and may involve:

• Return to work planning
• Creative solutions to promote attendance at work
• Guidance on adjustments and work modifications
• Supporting work colleagues
• Signposting to specialised information/disability service
• Post return to work supports
• Funding – support to apply for relevant Grants

In organisations where staff retention strategies are actively implemented, the workplace culture transforms to one of the increased levels of engagement, openness to diversity and inclusion of everybody.

What difference would increased employee retention make to your organisation? Benefits of working with Connect4Work range from:

• Reduction in duration and cost of absence management
• Meet obligation to explore reasonable accommodations
• Increased employee engagement
• Improved Health, Safety & Wellbeing
• Increased productivity
• Provide assistance with Grant Aid applications

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For Further Information:

Connect4Work – Converting Absence to Attendance
Connect4Work specializes in retention strategies to assist employers to support their employees remain-in or return to work after an absence.
Our goal is to promote Attendance, Ability and Retention by supporting Staff Health, Safety and Wellbeing at Work

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