Caring For Cork – Community and Collaboration

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The new forum Caring for Cork has been created to help the local economy during the current Covid-19 crisis. The initiative aims to promote and facilitate collaboration across Cork region. Read the full press release below:


As we continue to live with the effects of COVID-19 virus and the ongoing lockdown, the burdens it is placing on our communities and businesses are becoming all the more evident. The Corkonian spirit of camaraderie is legendary and it is inspiring to see how so many have risen to the challenge of supporting others in these times of need.

In order for us to keep our economy intact through this extraordinary challenge, promoting and nurturing new ideas and the spirit of collaboration have never been more important.

A new forum has been launched called “Caring For Cork”, which will promote and facilitate the sharing of ideas and inspiration in our city and county. Created and run by Cork based creative agency Babelfís, this platform will promote new initiatives and encourage the development of partnerships that might allow them to go from being bright ideas to actual programmes of help and support for our businesses and communities.

“It is incredible to see how people have reacted to the challenges the virus has presented us with, and we have been trying to turn our creative efforts towards finding ways to help” says Derek Shears, Commercial Director at Babelfís. “Initially we developed a couple of things ourselves, but it was clear that something more needed to be done. We hope that by bringing some of the brightest ideas together and encouraging other businesses to join in that we might be able to make a difference.”

Anyone is invited to share an idea which could be helpful by posting it on Instagram and tagging @CaringForCork, or using the hashtag #CaringForCork. Those which seem viable will be shared on the social media channels and potential partners flagged or directly contacted to try to get them actioned.

Other initiatives such as fundraisers or calls for assistance can be shared, as well as inspiring stories from around the county telling of how Cork people have already been supporting each other through these trying times.

So get thinking and get involved, and let’s all keep #CaringForCork.

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