Tackling the Challenges of Remote Working

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What are the current challenges in Irish businesses?
Here, we list the stats and top tips for overcoming the issues workers are facing today

The impact of the COVID-19 outbreak is being felt across Ireland and Irish businesses. People, families, communities and companies are facing unprecedented challenges. More than ever we need help to navigate these uncertain times.

Since launching a week ago Ireland Together has seen hundreds of members sign up and many advisors offering their services free of charge to support the growing community. 

Ireland Together has brought people together and it has created a supportive network of people and businesses can help each other overcome these new challenges. 

Interestingly, the statistics that have come from both members and advisors show that although both members and advisors are concerned about the effects that Covid -19 are having on their business, the current biggest challenge is to adapt to self-isolation and communication with customers and their teams. 

In fact, over 53.8% identified communication with clients and team as one of the main challenges of working remotely and 20% pointed to connectivity as their greatest work-related concern. Other issues highlighted by the respondents include social isolation (30%) and childcare and homeschooling (38.5%). 

Based on this, Ireland Together has selected some top tips to tackle these issues:

1- Communication

During this period, the team must have strong communication skills. Organizing guidelines, scheduling regular meetings and interacting with your team is key for engagement, motivation and the workflow. Tools such as Slack (for instant messaging and sharing links), Zoom (for video calls), Trello (for project management updates), e-mail (for longer more formal messages), Google docs and drive, help ensure teams can communicate regularly.

2- Isolation

In this scenario, workers might feel isolated but there are some ways to combat this. Take advantage of technology and use it to communicate and interact with your colleagues. Experience a new environment and try working in different parts of the house.

3- Physical and Mental Health

Clean eating and exercise at home is a great way to feel good and healthy. Meditation and mindfulness practices are also great ways to balance and improve our mental health. 

4- Parenting 

With offices and schools shut down, many parents are being asked to perform two full-time jobs at the same time: working from home whilst minding the kids. If it is a difficult situation for two-parent homes, it gets even harder for single parents, kids with special needs and parents who have to work outside of their home. So go easy on yourself and don’t expect to work at your normal capacity. Plan to work in shifts with your partner, if possible, and set yourself a maximum of five goals for the day. 

5- Empathy

Managers should see their team as a community. Show empathy for every employee’s situation, ask about their lives and support as you can.  Creating this environment, even if online, inspires a dynamic and healthy culture.

6- Join Communities

IrelandTogether is an open trusted source to help businesses survive and thrive. All professionals are welcome in our community and we believe that together we can overcome any challenge this period might cause. Click here and join us today 🙂

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