Finding Motivation when Working from Home

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For some people, working from home can be great. For other people, that can prove to be very difficult.
With our routines and daily schedules turned upside down, it may be even harder to motivate ourselves nowadays.
So how to find motivation during these hard times? We’ve got some solutions to help you out: 

Create a new routine

Embrace the changes and re-write your daily routine. Our routine plays an important role in our mental health and how we perform at work. Face your day with a plan and make your “To-Do” schedule for the week. By sticking to a schedule and setting goals, you’ll find that getting work done will be so much easier. Just make sure to include breaks, which are just as important. 

Get properly dressed 

Working comfortably in your sweatpants can be tempting, but also can make you feel lazier, and therefore get less done. Avoid the pajamas all day trap and prepare a nice outfit. 

Create your own office space

It is important to create a space where you feel good spending time. Try to set up a workspace with proper lighting, away from the bed and from the TV to avoid distractions.


Studies have proven that people who exercise during the workday perform better than those who don’t. Now that we no longer need to commute and with so many online classes available, why not spending that time exercising? Soon enough you’ll be seeing a big difference in your work and your body.


You can find in the NLP website some more interesting insight, causes and cures for motivation. That said, keep in mind that we are all together living those difficult times. We need to embrace this time and the challenge and that’s why we created IrelandTogether. Join our conversation and we can help you find your motivation. 

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