Marketing during Covid-19 – Your questions answered!

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How to manage marketing campaigns and actions during Covid-19?
What is the right tone to use in marketing communications and content?
 We’ve selected the most asked questions and asked for some advice from professionals. Check below:

Should businesses acknowledge COVID19 in marketing communications?  What is the right tone?

  • The first step is to understand your audience, what they need, and how your organization can help. Are you modifying your business? Are you providing news updates or advice? These are the first things you need to analyze. 
  • An empathetic and authentic communication is crucial. Focus on your actions and on maintaining a long term partnership with your public. 

How can we maximise social media channels to drive my marketing efforts?

  • Focus on where your customers are – for example, rugby talk happens on Twitter, accounting talk might happen on LinkedIn. You don’t need to be everywhere, you need to be where your audience is. 
  • Become an authority in your area of expertise – create interesting content and engage with your audience. Understand what resonates with your customers. Keep track of what content performs best and be curious about why.
  • Other options to be considered: marketing channels and paid search 
  • Find ways to measure the impact – what gets measured gets actioned! Set your KPIs and track them.
  • Success is about customer engagement, no likes.  If people are engaging in your content, they are finding value in it.

What trends are you seeing in general in businesses?  

  • A demand for more websites
  • Change of standards in general – a reevaluation of goals
  • A demand for a full digital marketing strategy 
  • Focus on an original, timely, helpful, well-researched content
  • Understanding your audience and converting your offline base to online 
  • Reframing your vision to identify and eliminate bias. Example:

 How often, and how, to keep in touch with existing customers?

  • Insert your communications into the right part of the customer journey – it should feel organic
  • A more personal touch with your customers continues to build strong relationships and trust.
  • Remain relevant to your audience and continue to nurture existing and prospective customers

Becoming an online trader has been a real and necessary challenge for small businesses. What are the best SEO practices to optimize e-commerce channels?

  • Lead with content, and then optimize with SEO. 
  • Tag your images and content, understand what your customers are interested in
  • While there is an increasing focus on digital – don’t forget about traditional offline media (posters, mail, conferences, newspapers). There is great value to be had in traditional media and they may be more open to collaboration as the world’s shifts to a digital focus


These marketing tips were shared in our member’s Marketing #AMA series – with contributions from Outsource Marketing, TalentCloudM, Monologue, Babelfis, Engage Content and IrelandTogether.  If you would like to know more, you can reach these companies directly – or visit us here to learn more!

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