New restaurant group launch plan to save industry employing 80,000

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New group Save Our Restaurant Coalition (SORC) aims to limit the damages of the Covid19 crisis in the restaurant business. Read the full press release below. 

Industry professionals have joined forces with restaurants large and small across the country, to come up with a plan to support the restaurant industry during the gravest crisis it has ever faced.

The new group, the “Save Our Restaurant Coalition” are presenting their plan to Government and political parties over the coming days, seeking to help Government to plan a strategy for the post lockdown period.

Restaurants and Cafes across the country have realised, that returning to normal will take a very long time”, said coalition member David Maxwell of Boojum. “The vast majority of restaurants, in every city, town and village in Ireland are closed, or doing very little business. With overseas tourism effectively stopped, social distancing measures having to be introduced and loyal customers nervous about coming back, it may take two years, or until a vaccine is developed – before we can expect normal trade to resume. Restaurants simply can’t survive on 50% of their normal sales.”

The new plan calls for Government to support restaurants through direct grants towards fixed costs, directing the banks to deal with debt sensitively, and a continuation of the employment supports.

While it would be massive state intervention in a normal time, this would be balanced by increased social welfare payments, and the loss of employee taxes and VAT if no intervention is made. 

“There are 80,000 families affected by this in the restaurant industry alone.  Shuttered storefronts in towns and villages, and small and large businesses, built with sweat and passion, which will go to the wall if we don’t do something,” said Maxwell.


For further information See full plan at or call:

David Maxwell

+44 7519 640 107

Brody Sweeney

087 6688 709

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