Which parts of Ireland are most prepared for remote working?

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The Regional Assemblies of Ireland identified people from the east and midlands are better prepared for a remote future. Check the article below by Silicon Republic for data and further information.

According to a new report from the Regional Assemblies of Ireland, people working in the east and midlands could be best prepared for a remote future.

New research from the three Regional Assemblies of Ireland sheds light on how prepared different parts of the country may be for remote working.

The Northern and Western, Eastern and Midlands, and Southern assemblies compiled a report that says more than one-quarter of people working in the private sector are capable of remote work – a total of 387,000. As of Q2 2020, around 186,000 of these would likely be based in Dublin.

Image: Regional Assemblies of Ireland

It added that 253,600 people (65.5pc) in the east and midlands, 91,300 (23.6pc) in the south and 42,100 (10.9pc) in the north and west could be able to work remotely.

Read full article in Silicon Republic: Which Parts Of Ireland Are Most Prepared For Remote Working?


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