Remote Working Health and Wellness Tips

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“Transitioning from an office to working at home is challenging even in normal circumstances. Throw in a pandemic, closed schools, no gym time, new work procedures, zero social events, and plenty of time with your housemates? That’s a recipe for overwhelm. That’s why self-care isn’t a luxury, but an essential part of adjusting to a new normal.

This article by Everyday Health provides some good practical tips on how to work from home happily and productively — and without dialing up your stress. Here are a list of their top 11 tips:

1. Keep a Consistent Sleep Schedule

2. Put Some Pants On (Yoga Pants Count)

3. Create a Home-to-Work ‘Commute’

4. Carve Out a Designated Workspace

5. Build Breaks Into Your Schedule

6. Eat a Real Lunch (and Don’t Forget to Stay Hydrated)

7. Set a Workout Time to Reset and Refresh

8. Try Live Classes for Guided Sweat Sessions

9. If Your Kids Are Home, Get Them Involved in Your Self-Care Regimen

10. Have a Clock-Out Time to Avoid Overworking Yourself

11. Finally, Make an Appointment for You Time

When it comes to self-care, the perception is often one of indulgence: mud masks, long baths, goblets of wine, lounging in bed until noon. But as the strategies on this list highlight, self-care is actually making yourself a priority in an everyday way, especially when working from home.

It’s about finding healthy ways to comfort yourself, set priorities, stay connected, and create structure. Especially now, when none of us knows what looms ahead, these things can give you a much-needed sense of control that translates to making working into a meaningful activity — not one more big stressor.

Full article with more details can be found here: Everyday Health

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