Why Cyber Security Strategy is So Important

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“Considering that 61% of SMBs have experienced some sort of cyber attack within the last year, action clearly needs to be taken. No longer can organisations simply set up a firewall or install an antivirus and consider it “done.” With the nature of attacks escalating, even the most well protected networks may still have vulnerabilities. One of the best ways to go about this is to develop an effective cyber security strategy.”

Cybersecurity is one of the most overlooked areas for many SMBs and as the country moves to remote working, this is a serious challenge for companies and individuals who have not had the time or resources to map out their security strategies in advance. This is a great article to help companies understand why it’s so imporant and what the real benefits involve.

What Exactly is a Cyber Security Strategy?

This is a plan of action designed to maximise the security and resiliency of your organisation. It uses a top-down approach to establish a set of objectives and protocols to help keep you safe.

It outlines the duties of individuals within your organisation and defines who’s responsible for what. This type of strategy also addresses what will take place in the event that an incident does occur and how you’ll respond.

Lastly, it recognizes the fact that cyber threats are continually advancing and devises ways to adapt so that you’re always improving your security.

When done correctly, a cyber security strategy will align with strategic business goals so that everything works together holistically to make your company more efficient.

Some key benefits of having a Cyber Security Strategy:

  • You Gain a Deeper Understanding of Your Risk
  • It’s Inherently Proactive
  • It Enables Early Detection
  • It Allows for a Swift Response
  • You’re Better Able to Meet Compliance Standards
  • You Can Deter Insider Threats
  • It Provides Optimal Operational Efficiency
  • Implementing Cyber Security By Design
  • Staying Ahead of the Curve

Read the full article here: Stickman

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